Our Corporate Social Responsibility Approach

As Roketsan, based on our awareness of our corporate social responsibility, and with the willing support of our qualified skilled human resources, as the most significant of all our resources, we consider the realization of projects in which we share our intellectual, social and cultural know-how in various fields, such as education, health and social equality, to be among our national responsibilities.

The Vocational High School Coaches Program is implemented within the framework of a protocol undersigned between the Private Sector Volunteers Association (ÖSGD), which has the mission of transforming the competencies and potential of human resources in companies into social benefit through volunteer works, and the Ministry of National Education, Vocational and Technical Education General Directorate.

Within the scope of this program, a collaborative model has been formed between ÖSGD member companies and vocational high schools, and an opportunity for development is created for students through a voluntary coaching model that is applied with defined limits.

We are proud to be part of this program as a member of ÖSGD since 2012; and with 111 of our employees acting as volunteer coaches, we are happy to have been meeting regularly with 884 students of the Elmadağ Şehit Sertaç Uzun Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School within the scope of visionary themes, influencing their lives and engaging with our students in social activities and facility visits.

R&D Personnel Training Certification Program

Uludağ University sought to established a certification training program with a specific content, based on the need of the sector for engineers to work in the defense sector prior to their graduation and alongside their university education, for which a protocol was prepared with the support of the Presidency of Defense Industries and defense sector companies.

In accordance with this protocol, which was launched in 2017 and is held every year, we contribute to the program with in-company trainers providing education in systems engineering, aerodynamics, aeromechanical and structural / thermal / dynamic analyses, while also hosting our students during facility visits.

Roketsan Personal Development Gatherings

Initiated in 2016 with the purpose of meeting the students of the Ankara University Elmadağ Vocational School of Higher Education in order to discuss issues that can benefit them, to create added value, and to provide guidance both in their social lives and in the final years of their education, as they move closer to business life.

The topics of these annual gatherings focus specifically on different personal development topics, such as goal setting, vision, time management, negotiation and conflict resolution, persuasion techniques and perception, and social learning, communication and image in business life.

In the upcoming days we aim to expand the influence of this project by coming together with other schools.

For the “Gender Mainstreaming” division

Roketsan adopts the principles and policies that are in line with the gender mainstreaming approach; pays attention to the principles of equal opportunity, and provides equal access to training and development, promotion, leadership roles and decision-making mechanisms.

Roketsan is signatory to the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles, which is a joint effort of UN Women and UN Global Compact. In this respect, with deserved pride in leading the way in the defense sector, we organized the “I Support Equality” seminars, in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO Turkey), within the structure of our company. We recognize the value and importance of gender equality from the viewpoint of the business world; we want to see more female employees in the fields of science and technology in the labor force, and we support all our employees in reaching managerial positions and taking on leadership roles, in recognition of their talents and competencies.