Training and Self Development

Based on the belief that personnel with a sense of responsibility at the highest level and focused on development will heighten the reputation of our company, the training policy of Roketsan is to provide every employee all training opportunities necessary for them to be able to carryout their specific duties in the best manner possible, to be able to closely follow up developments, to be able to innovative and to be able to develop himself / herself personally, as well as to maintain to sustain it.

Roketsan Training Campus

E-training systems are used in our company as means for learning, knowledge sharing and communication for the purpose of carrying the performance expected from our human resources to the highest level.
In this context, e-training and combined training are made available to our employees over Roketsan Training Campus to increase the efficiency of training given.
Roketsan Training Campus where our orientation training, internal (on the job) training and personal development training packages are given is, at the same time, a training platform where measurement and evaluation studies are effectively carried out, thanks to training management system.

Manager Training / Development Programs

Manager Development Programs through which we seek to increase the efficiency of our mangers are regularly held every year as Manager’s Sharing Meetings. With such sharing meetings it is intended to create a synergy between our employees at managerial level and to spread out the good practice examples.
Moreover, our employees who are planned to be assigned to managerial staff are introduced to Manager Training process after the assessment of the Evaluation Center. Those candidates who passed the Evaluation Center process enter training and development programs prepared for the fields in which they are expected to develop.

Lean 6 Sigma at Roketsan

Lean 6 Sigma activities started at Roketsan in 2009 are progressing rapidly in 2012.
Following Lean 6 Sigma Projects of 2009 and 2010, the work continued with the new Design of Experiment (DOE) projects. In 2012, all managerial staff has received Green Belt Training, resulting in the widespread cognizance of 6 Sigma all over the company.

Master’s Degree and Doctorate Opportunities

Subject to the work conditions, master’s / doctorate studies of our employees are supported and their participation in events such as congress, conference etc., at home and abroad, is encouraged.


Roketsan which started the journey with the goal of becoming the leader institution of Turkey in the field of rocket and missile systems commenced the preparation to build up a library in November 1988, the library having gone into service in 1989.
The purpose of Roketsan Library is to contribute in Roketsan’s endeavor to reach its corporate goals by providing all kinds of information and documentation needed by Roketsan’s personnel in every stage of research – development, design and production processes, from the right and dependable sources in the shortest time possible.
Our library has a rich collection of printed and electronic material focused on rocket and missile systems, a substantial part of which is comprised of engineering books.